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1991 Volvo 240 - Water leaks

Volvo 240 with sunroof–keeps getting water in trunk under carpet and padding–any ideas ?

Possible bad trunk or tail light seal’s.


30 year old car, could be leaking around the rear window along with sources noted by Renegade.


Cleaning the sunroof drain lines is one logical step to try if they run through the C pillar. I’ve heard you can do that with string trimmer line, although I’ve never actually done it myself.

Based on my experience with leaks in my 1990 240 sedan, I am betting on the 1) seals around the tail lights. 2) I remember a nylon hose across the top of the trunk that was a drain from somewhere . It got hit by a suitcase and came disconnected once.

While we are on the topic of 240s and water intrusion, the water from the heater air inlet drains down to the rocker panels below the front doors and out through small holes beneath. Eventually, those rocker panel passages fill up with leaves and dirt, causing the rocker panels to hold water and rust through. There are plastic caps beneath the carpet outboard of the front seats. Remove door sills and pull up carpet and remove caps. Vacuum out rocker panels with a flexible hose on a vacuum cleaner. Clear drain holes with a wire. Test drainage by pouring water into the air inlet between the hood and windshield.