Swamped 2002 VW Passat Wagon



Hi, I am having a problem with my 2002 Passat Wagon. After every thunderstorm I get over an inch of water on the floor behind the front passenger seat. I have a sunroof, but it is not leaking directly into the car and there are no water stains anywhere. My mechanic has blown out all the sunroof drains, but it still happens. If you have any knowledge of the problem or any advice it would be greatly appreciated.




I had the same problem with my 2000 Blazer with a sunroof. There was a leak between the inner fender and the firewall (it had been in an accident before I got it). The water was coming in through the firewall/fender seam, going underneath the carpet, and then coming up through the carpet in front and behind the driver’s seat.

I found the leak by running water into the windshield cowling and checking underneath the dash with a flashlight. Some silicone sealant along the seam fixed the leak. Don’t blame your mechanic, it took me a few weeks to figure this one out.

Good luck,

Ed B.



No, I’m not blaming my mechanic. He’s a great guy and is puzzled by it, also. In fact, he stopped by my house the other day after a rain storm to check on the car. A mechanic who makes house calls without being asked. We need to clone this guy. I will take a look at your suggestion.



My bet is the sunroof and most sunroofs leak because one of the four drains clog.