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Wet floor on passenger side - front

For the past week the front passenger side floor of my 2000 Volvo S80 has been wet. Sometimes its sopping and other times it’s just damp. I assume the water is coming from inside the car as the mat has a heavy rubber bottom, but I can’t seem to find the source. Has anyone had this problem or can anyone offer a solution?

Could possible be leak in your heater core?

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Several explanations have been posted over the years, depending upon the weather. A leak of coolant in some cars can end up on the floor.

In winter weather, sometimes passengers enter with a lot of snow on boots, and it melts in to the carpet.

In hot weather, the humidity taken from the air by the a/c can drip down if something gets blocked. But, in most of the US, that should not be a problem right now, heh, heh.

Also, a leak via the windshield in rainy weather. Others may post better ideas soon.

I doubt it’s a leak. It’s more likely a clogged air conditioner drain hose. A mechanic can usually unclog the hose with compressed air in a few minutes.

It could be leaking past the cabin air filter if your vehicle is so equipped. It’s more common than you think.

It can still be condensate if the defroster is being used. Have the AC drain blown out.

Our 2004 xc90 had a cracked seal around the windshield. It sounded like we were driving a giant water bottle because the water would swish from front to back. Once they fixed that seal and drained the water the floor was dry and there was no more swishing.

I would add to Keith’s comment that modern cars do use it to remove moisture for defogging.

If it smells sweet or you’re getting a film on your windshield, you probably have a heater core leak. Monitor your coolant level.

If it has no smell, your AC drain is probably plugged. Or you have a physical leak like Third Volvo did.

Some other reasons.
If you have a sunroof it could be clogged drainage channels.
I had the exact same problem and it was small leaves had clogged up the channels and the water was pooling in the roof and then running down the inside of the car and pooling on the floor.
I thought it was sunroof seals or a windshield which would have cost hundreds of dollars
A collision repair place cleaned out the drainage channels ($30) and it’s been fine.

This is a three year old thread and they have either solved their problem or gave up by now.


Agree with others. Whenever I’ve had that it’s been a bad heater core but could be the other causes as well. If it smells sweet and taste sweet (don’t get carried away, it’s poison), it’s antifreeze. If it is plain water, then the other causes-leak or plugged drain.