1991 Miata ball joint replacement

Has anyone a good idea for how much this job should cost at a garage? My wife has an estimate for around $600 parts and another &600 labor. Seems way too much to me given what I see the parts cost online…thanks

Is this an estimate for one side only? I always replace ball joints in pairs (left and right). Ball joints typically run about $100 apiece so your estimate is very high considering they are available at any auto parts store. The estimate of $600 is about right if an alignment is factored in. A front end alignment is necessary once the ball joints are replaced. I would not buy ball joints online. Online is okay for some parts like key fobs or radios but not for suspension parts. I speak from experience.

They must be planning to replace more parts than just ball joints for $600 in parts cost. Maybe some struts or bearings or something else?

I paid $14 per ball joint for my Mercedes a few months ago. (Rockauto.com)