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Ball joint cost

I have been keeping my 1997 Mercury Sable up as best as I can, I do not want a new car at todays prices, plus I live in Michigan :slight_smile: Can someone tell me what the total cost of 2 front balljoints and work hours might cost. Trying to see if this the last hurrah for my Sable.

This is just nuts and bolts parts replacement. Call a couple of local front-end shops and get your own estimates…Add an alignment when they are done…

Any mechanic or little shop can handle this job for you…no need to seek any type of specialty shop at all. I would say for 2 front ball joints would prob cost you about $100 each side? Then again I am known for insanely-SANE price quotes for my labor. I have seen estimates from other establishments sometimes and simply get Sticker Shock when I see their prices…some places are ruthless…so just call around and get your estimates. It is a common enough job for them to be able to have a firm idea of what it will cost you.

When the job is completed I would then get an allignment performed as well…standard procedure really…

Be aware that there are vast differences in parts prices for things like ball joints–there are 2 choices here, one being significantly higher than the other:

A Motorcraft (Ford original quality) lower ball joint for $66.33 each.
A discount brand ball joint for $27.99 each.
I’m surprised how often people try want to save 30 or 40 bucks on something like a ball joint–something whose failure can have catastrophic results.

Labor rates vary widely across the country, and factors like rust and corrosion where you live may affect the price, since the job may be harder than if the car were from Arizona. Around here, labor would run about $120 per side. And $80 or so for alignment.

Not bad for a 13-14 year old car. Get good ball joints. lists the Motorcraft parts at $45.79 each.

Yup. Rockauto has some of the best prices on quality parts–I recommend them to lots of DIYers. But if you don’t do the work yourself–like the original poster–it doesn’t help to buy parts you can’t install.

Agreed about DIY point; only that s/he would have a point of reference on price and to reinforce getting good parts.