2000 Blazer - Lower Ball Joint replacement cost?

Does anybody have a rough idea how much it would cost to replace the lower ball joints on a 2000 Blazer 4wd (96k miles)?


Ed B.

Not sure of the cost…But I suggest you replace with aftermarket. GM OEM ball joints have been plagued with problems for YEARS. Friends 95 Blazer…he had to replace ALL 4 ball joints at 40k. Then at 90k…replace them again. Bought Moog this time…when he sold the truck at 160k miles the ball joints were fine.

I would get quotes from various places that do front end work. Midas prices would be average to low. The dealer price will be highest with mediocre parts, as mentioned.

Moog parts run about $56 or so with life warranty. Other brands are cheaper. I wouldn’t think more than an hours’ labor, but that is just an uneducated guess. check with a couple of independent shops and they should provide a much better labor estimate.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll make an appointment with my mechanic to have them checked out.

Ed B.