Repair Estmate reasonable?

1992 plymouth laser 1.8L … front end work… is this estimate reasonable? I am in Missouri. seems high to me (but so does everything else)

replace control arm with ball joint  (both sides)

replace F stabilizer bar control Link (both sides)
Replace outer Tie Rod end (one side)
labor &parts… 1360.

30 year old car, inflationary times and high demand for auto repair work…

Doesn’t seem high to me at all.


Prices can vary based on the shop and locale so multiple estimates would be a good idea. Seems a bit high for my area (OK) but…
Rates in a larger city can easily be higher than a small town.

One thing not mentioned is an alignment. That is a must for a repair like this.(


I think I paid about $500 some years ago for both control arms, no tie rod ends. But do both, not just one and yeah alignment.

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Control arm/ball joint replacement

Parts cost for right & left side: I’m guessing $600 .
Labor: 3 hours ($300)

Stab link parts (both sides) : guessing $150
Stab link labor: 1 hour ($100)

Tie Rod Part: $75
Tie Rod Labor: 1 hour ($100)


CA/BJ: 900
Stab L: 250
Tie R : 175


So quote seems pretty reasonable. Replacing tie rod requires adjusting toe (a type of wheel alignment) at the very minimum. Be prepared, may need a complete front end alignment after this work is completed.

I am as cheap as the day is long, and I think this is a fair cost (assuming of course, the use of quality parts, and that the required alignment will be performed). And I am happy to hear that a Plymouth Laser still exists. I remember when this was a fairly common car…now I haven’t seen one in years.

George, where are you getting $100 per hour? In my area of southern NJ, labor rates start at $150 per hour, and they average a little over $200. Those rates are for smaller indie shops, and I imagine they are even more for larger shops.

I am in a city about 100 miles from St. Louis in a mostly rural area. Labor rates were around $100/hr last time I took a car in but that might be more these days…

I haven’t seen a Laser for quite a while either. There is a friend who had an extra Mitsubishi Eclipse which I think is basically the same thing last time I talked to him but it was starting to rust out pretty badly and he was thinking about selling it while used car prices are so elevated.

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My indy mechanic charges $140 per hour, and–IIRC–the dealership charges over $200/hour.

My usual method, guessing.

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Don’t you think that guessing will just cause confusion for people asking questions here ?

No. Educated guesses perfectly acceptable here imo. Best is the perfect, but good is better than nothing. OP is invited to address Volvo’s query above as well.

I replaced shocks, struts, and links on my aging Pontiac. My total labor cost was $85 for an alignment. My only point is that for those keeping a 30 year old car going, most repairs should be done by the owner. Whether the local labor rate is $100 or $200, should not be relevant.
If you have plenty of money, it’s no problem, otherwise diy or trade for a newer model. Like said if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.

I’ve kept plenty of aging cars going but having to pay a professional for all the repairs would have soon made a new car more cost effective. For example is $5000 for rocker panel work too high compared to $300 diy?