95 jeep cherokee wont start

95 jeep cherokee wont start. clicking noise when trying to start. Just bought new battery and that wasnt the problem. Interior lights come on. Would it be the starter? or the connections? or fuel pump problem? idk… HELP

Your subject line says it won’t ‘start.’ Your text implies it won’t crank. If twisting the key to the start position causes a click have someone repeatedly twist the key while you listen under the hood. If the battery is good and all connections are proper and the starter clicks it is likely the problem. If the click comes from a fuse/relay box on the passenger side fender well near the battery the start relay is likely at fault.

if you turn the key on you can hear the fuel pump if it is working. if it doesnt turn over it is a starter problem. does it turn over? the reason i asked i had a 1995 very good motor they are real easy to work on.