1991 Honda Accord Station Warning lights false indications

The warning lights on my daughter’s 1991 Honda Accord Station Wagon with 186,000 miles (total miles not miles per second like the speed of light) have been coming on intermittently and erratically. The door and rear brake lights annunciator comes on irregularly and goes off and stays off when the car is turned off. This has been going on for some time.

All of the warning lights test appropriately when the car is started.

The Check Engine light has just started coming on. It also goes off when the car is turned off and re started. I have checked all of the usual suspects: gas cap and oil. All are alright. Also the engine temperature is low normal and the engine oil pressure light has not come on.

The speedometer intermittently stops working and the green Sport annunciator light begins flashing. After a while the speedometer will experience miraculous healing and begin working again for no apparent reason. The Sport annunciator continues to flash until the car is turned off and restarted. The sport mode does not appear to be active as the rpm’s are consistent with what is appropriate for the speed shown on my GPS which I use for a heads up display.

After the car has been driven for a while (30 minutes to an hour) and turned off all of the annunciator lights will go off and stay off when the car is restarted and driven further.

The car is old and not worth much. Whereas I have been unable to locate any real problem, I believe that all of these indications are false warnings so I am ignoring them and driving on. For years we drove cars with no Check Engine lights, door ajar lights, or brake light warning annunciators. There does not appear to be any system failure or problem. Therefore, I am continuing to drive the car.

I will appreciate any and all thoughts and suggestions. As the car is not worth much, I don’t want to spend a lot of money to fix a false indication. But, it is annoying to have no speedometer indication and a bunch of warning lights.

Thank you,