91 Honda Accord, sports light won't go off!

Hi, I have a 91 Accord that usually runs great! A few times in the past the green S light on the dashboard has been flashing, even though the “sports” button isn’t on. The last 3 times I’ve started the car, the sports light has been on (not flashing), and won’t go off! The car also has trouble shifting gears when stopped. Once I slowly accelerate, it seems to run fine, it’s just getting from stopped position that seems to be a problem. I’m guessing this is a transmission or computer problem? Does anyone know what this means?? Thanks!


On many cars, one of the transmission indicator lights will flash if there is an electronic fault in the transmission, so I suspect that this is the case with your car. Failure to quickly rectify an electronic fault in the transmission can result in MUCH more expensive mechanical repairs to the transmission.

However, this is just a theory of mine. How about opening up the Owner’s Manual and finding out what the car’s manufacturer had to say about the blinking of this light? Remember the old saying–when all else fails, read the instructions!

(Note: If you don’t have an Owner’s Manual, get one from e-bay or another source)

Thanks for the suggestions! I have an owner’s manual (bought from ebay), but it doesn’t mention what to do when this happens. I am taking it to the closest mechanic tonight, so I won’t have to drive it too far. Hopefully this won’t mean major trans. problems!