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1991 Dodge Shadow Convertible

Hi All! I have a 91 Dodge Shadow Convertible ES fully loaded and it has a few problems. One, it leaks, and leaks bad. I talked to other shadow owners and they tell me that this is normal. But because it leaks the driver side front speaker and power window are now fried. The speaker is no problem, it’s the window I am concerned about. For a while it would go up if I pulled on it while holding down the switch. Now it is stuck in the up position and will no longer go down. I have only had this car three years and have already had the window motors in both doors replaced. So I was wondering, is it possible to put a window crank into a car with power windows? Also my passenger window works fine but will only go up when the door is open. Anyone have an idea about that? Also are there any solutions for the leaks that cause a waterfall of water to pour in during heavy rains?

How about a small car cover sheet that only covers the areas susceptible to leaking. Maybe small sand or bean bags at the corners to hold it in place.