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Water in window well

We reciently got a 1985 Dodge 600 convertable from a realative. We put on a new top. We found water laying on the rug driver’s side back seat and also in the passenger side reat window well (2 door).

I thought there should be some drain holes for that rear window well but cannot find any. It is possible sombody sealed them by mistake as I see what looks like white sealent on some fo the seams in front of the rear tire.

Why not ask your relative?

You have a leak. Your new top could be the cause. take it back to the installer of the new top and have a chat.

Talking to your relative is a gr8 idea to get a history of whether it was leaking before and where. Convertibles leak. It’s like a fact of life. Also determining where the leak is would be helpful along with whether or not it can be stopped. It might be a leak in the new top or where it attaches to the car or a lot of other places.

For that I suggest putting a volunteer in the back seat with or without rain gear, on the outside take a hose and start soaking the car from the top down with a good stream of water. If you hear screaming, chances are that’s the area the water is coming from.

Check around the rear windows too like around insulation and make sure they’re completely closing and sealing when they do. It’s pretty likely that you’ll see where it’s coming in. Seal it and/or replace the insulation and then determine how and where to let it out without flooding the trunk or underneath the rear seat. One way or the other, when you find the source, you’ll be in a much better position to talk to the upholstery guy who put the new top on.
Take it light.

Some good news… I found the drain for the rear window. Just slightly forward of the wheel well, on the inside wall was a square rubber flap which is designed to as a check valve and let the water drain but prevent splashing up into the window well. The rubber had stuck to the body and prevented it from opening. Once I opened it the water freely drained. I also checked the driver side by running he hose by the back corner of the top. The water went in the top and out the bottom. I also checked the drains on the right and left front under the hood. Again the water flowed in and out.