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2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GT,convertible leaks at windows

My car has over 120,000 miles, runs great, oil changes every 3-5K. Love this car! Last month before I took it to the car wash to hand wash (can’t go through auto with the soft top), always careful not to use high power around the windows, but this time I tried the “hot wax”. The next time that we had a very hard rain, I noticed water dripping into the car from the top of the windows right around were the rubber seams meet. I thought, ok, maybe it’s because it was such a hard rain. However… when ever it rains more than a very light rain, water is getting in from the same place on both sides of the car.

What can I do to stop the leak? I’m hoping that I don’t have to replace the whole top, nothing else is wrong and I don’t see a leak anywhere else.

After 11 years, the rubber seals may be just worn out. Check with the parts counter at the Mitsu dealership to see if replacement seals are available.