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1991 Dodge Dakota "Air switch solenoid circuit"

I am getting a code 36 which tells me it is “air switch solenoid switch”. I am not sure what that is indicating or what it means. Is this something I can fix?

“Air switch solenoid circuit” not “air switch solenoid switch” Any ideas as to what this is?
I have searched the net and on here with still no clues.

There are three vacuum solenoids mounted above the right vale cover. The middle solenoid is the air switching solenoid, controling the vacuum supply to the air pump/air switch relief valve.

Thanks, Could this be the cause of intermitent stalling when stopped? This is the only code I get 36-55.

It is unlikely that the air pump system would cause stalling. There are a number of possibilities. If the idle speed is too low a times I would look at the throttle stepped motor. That is if everything else is in good condition; spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap.

There are several problems. I am sure the batt cables are not good. the fuel line is leaking and who knows what else. Could the code I get be from the stalling? I am going to fix the cables and the fuel line tonight. thought I would replace the auto shutdown relay too, just in case that thing is giving me fits. The driver (teenage) says it just stops and then it will start up again. It stopped once the other day and did not start again until next day. Then it ran rough for a bit. She took it in somewhere and they said everything looked ok. It has stalled several times since then. I am thinking the stalling is giving me the code and If I get the rest fixed it may just be fine. Thoughts?