Intermittent fuel/fuel pressure disruption

My '92 Dodge Dakota stalls sometimes in the morning after running just for a few minutes, sometimes midstream on the highway. I wait a bit and he restarts fine. Bob has been sick for about a year now.

Fuel pump was replaced in '03. I keep him maintained well and he purrs like a kitten otherwise.

Most recently I had the IAC & TPS (reading erratic) replaced. Didn’t fix the problem.

Mechanic said I should replace 02 sensor.

I read that it could be a bac PCM, EGR valve???

Somebody help Bob.


It’s not likely at all that an O2 sensor is going to cause your vehicle to shut down on the highway.

You might consider checking and/or replacing the fuel pump relay.
If you had a problem in the past with a dragging fuel pump before it quit completely it’s possible the relay could have been roasted because of the pump.
The same would apply to the ASD (automatic shutdown) relay. This relay powers the ECM, fuel injectors, etc. and in some models, depending on the engine, will also operate the fuel pump relay.

Those would be my first suspects, although a faulty ignition module, Hall generator in the distributor, or even the electrical part of the ignition switch could cause it.

Time to maybe replace vehicle.

Thanks for the tips.