2000 Dodge Dakota no start and rough idle issues

Hi everyone, I have been researching this issue for a while, but haven’t found a solution. Though I did find a thread somewhere else with the exact same symptoms, but no post saying what the solution was. I would be SO grateful if anyone can provide some good advice on this.

Here’s what is going on with my 2000 Dakota V6 3.9L V6:

After sitting for at least a couple of hours, the truck will crank but not start. After 3-5 tries, the truck does start but idles roughly at a very low RPM for 10 seconds or so and then stalls. I turn the key one more time and it starts up great and idles and drives normally. This behavior is very consistent. I have only driven it about 5 miles after it started doing this, because on that trip, the engine stalled while I was driving. Occasionally the MIL comes on and gives P0443 as the code. Question is, can the evap purge solenoid cause this behavior if it is going bad? I have inspected the vacuum lines, and they seem ok.

One more note: When this first started, I was pretty sure it was the fuel pump. Replacing that has not fixed the problem, and the fuel pump relay is good.

Thanks in advance!

Yes, if the solenoid is stuck open it can cause a lean condition or rough running. Have the purge spolenoid checked out and replaced if necessary and it may clear up the starting problem.