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2003 dodge Dakota with v-6 stalls

When the truck is in reverse, turn the wheel, it acts like is about to stall out. Sometimes just idling the engine at a stop and turn the wheel it acts likes its going to stall out. Any ideas???

Ideas? Just about anything.

How many miles are on it? How old are the plugs? Wires? Filters? Any check engine light? Anyone ever clean the throttle body? Idle air control valve? Check fuel pressure? Etc. Etc.

The power steering pump puts load on the engine. Your engine is apparently not running quite right. So there’s no info to tell you where to go with it. Could be just about anything.

To answer ur questions, the only one I know is the mileage which is 78000. I should just have the engine checked out.

If you just bought it or something, then don’t have anything checked out. Just have everything in terms of maintenance done - all of those things I mentioned and then some.

I’d be suspecting a power steering pressure switch has failed.