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Car dies

My car dies when I come to a stop unless I gently press on the gas pedal while holding done the brake. What can cause this?

Anything from bad gas to a fuel delivery problem to an electrical problem, and lots of stuff besides. We’d need more details to give you a more narrow diagnosis.

A bad idle air control (IAC) valve is a likely culprit. Is your check engine light on? You didn’t say what year it is but if '96 or newer many auto parts stores read the codes for free. If you get any post them - the exact code(s) like “P1234”

If you’re going to look at the IAC start by checking its wiring / power supply, then cleaning. If the wiring all checks out & cleaning doesn’t help than chances are you need to replace the valve.

What year Cavalier? How many miles on it? How long have you owned it? When was the last time you changed the air and fuel filters? How about plugs and wires? Does the weather make a difference?

Someone will eventually say “Make, model, year, mileage, which engine, maintenance record, original owner or bought used, VIN if possible…”