1990 toyota T 100

I want to buy a toyota T 100. But I dont know much about them. People tell me that they dont have much power that a toyota tacoma has more power. is this true? I like the truck i WANT IT FOR A WORK TRUCK.

The T100 is mechanically identical to the little Toyota pickups they sold forever (which eventually sort of became the Tacoma), with the body (and axles) just a little bit wider. There’s people out there who say they’re the best pickup ever made and they can make a good argument.

As for power, well, the four-cylinder isn’t going to out run anything but it’s a bullet-proof engine and has enough power to propel itself around town and enough low end torque that fully loaded it’ll get you there eventually. The V6 has a tad more power, but is a somewhat less reliable engine including among other things a design flaw that led to premature head gasket failures and was the subject of a recall. If the one you’re looking at has the V6 make sure the head gaskets have been “upgraded”.

And it’s absolutely true that the Tacoma has more power (well, I think the base-engine on the early Taco’s made about the same HP as the old V6 motor) but if you ask me they’re overpowered.