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Used Tacoma

Are the Toyota Tacomas with double cab and 4 cylinder engine underpowered? I understand they stopped making them in 2004. Am thinking of buying one used for my son.

I’m not familar with the double cab, but within my family we have a '96 Tacoma with a V6 and a '98 Tacoma with a “large” 4-cylinder, both extended cabs. The V6 not only gets the better gas mileage, but typically climbs hills in at least 1 gear higher than the 4-cylinder most of the time.

The 4 cylinder is reliable and durable, but really only makes sense in around town or urban situations. It doesn’t really do better on gas than the 6 cylinder unless your driving around in a city. If the truck is 2 wheel drive with a stick shift the 4 cyl is OK, but I prefer the V6 for everything else.

Look for a 2001 or later Tacoma, as there is a rust problem with the 1995-2000 models due to improperly manufactured frames.

My best friend had a 2001 4cyl Tacoma and was very satisfied with it. We loaded it to the gills more than once and never had any problems with it. Unfortunately for him, he made some very bad financial decisions and it was repossessed. It is great truck and if he would have told me about it sooner I probably would have bought it from him.