Toyota Trucks


What’s the difference between a PreRunner and a X-runner?


Have you stopped by the Toyota dealer? Or visited their website?


You must be asking about the Tacoma. Prerunner is a 2wd truck, but with the 4wd looks and suspension. X-runner is also 2wd, but lowered, sporty truck, with larger wheels.


The PreRunner is the next step up from the base model and can handle light offroad activities. The X-Runner is a street performance truck an is fully equipped. The only factory option is stability control. You can only get it with a manual transmission.


Do you have an opinion as to whether the pre-2004 Tacomas with 4 cylinder engine and double cab are underpowered? Thanks so much (you sound like you are very familiar with the Toyota trucks.)


Thanks for the compliment, but I only read well. The information was available on line. I suggest that you drive one. That’s the only way to know if they are underpowered or not. And underpowered is such a subjective term. It could mean something different to you or me. BTW, the difference in mileage is 18/21 vs. 17/19 for the 4-cyl. vs. 6-cyl. Is it worth the extra 10% mileage to you (after the test drive)?