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I will likely begin looking for a (new to me) truck in the next year or so. My current '91 Ranger has been a great runner but is overdue for a refresh which would make a good future project. However in the meantime, I want to do some front end research on a potential new truck. While in college, I really began to take a liking the '01-'04 Tacomas. Now that I’m out and working, I have begun to consider purchasing one with the V6 and 4X4. I’m not a big fan of the '05+ Tacomas due to their larger size, as I’m a fan of the original compact body style. Of all the forums out there, could anyone recommend a particularily knowledgeable forum I can go to read posts regarding regular maintence, pros, cons, and costs to own one of these trucks? I know of several Ranger forums that have been extremely helpful for this- but how about ones for the Tacoma?


I agree with you about the smaller body size being better. The smaller wheels and tires on the old Toyota pickups rode better too.

I’ve owned two Toyota pickups, both bought new, for a total spanning from 1979 to 2006. Loved 'em both. Both had 4-bangers. Both were still reliable daily drivers with no major work until they finally went to the boneyard, the '79 because the frame rotted out and the '89 because it lost a fight with an errant Hyundae. I beat the heck out of both of them, I had no mercy on them whatsoever. The '89 had 338,000 miles on it when the Hyundae hit it.

By the way, both predated the name “Tacoma”. They were just called Toyota pickups.

What would you like to know? is also a good place to find information on all vehicles. and go to forums.

try her, go to the bottom, and click on forums