1998 s 10

I have my sons 1998 S-10 pickup that I bought for him in collage then bought back for his younger brother and sister. (yep I bought it twice) The windshield wipers only work occasionally. Most of the time they do not work but about 1 in every 20 starts they do. They will only turn on when the car starts if they are going to work. They will not come on if they do not from the start no matter how many times they are turned on. Any ideas? I really do not just want to start replacing things randomly. Everything the turn signal post control’s works except the wipers. Thanks

The problem might be in the multifunction switch. This switch is located behind the steering wheel and is what controls all the functions on the turn signal stalk. Here’s how this switch is replaced.


The problem is most likely the wiper motor controller under the hood. It is a complete unit, including the controller board, motor, and gearing. This is a known failure for this model, and most parts stores should have replacements. The plug contacts of the controller board break and fail, giving intermittent operation.

Common problem,replaced dozens of the “pulse assembleys” easy fix,follow “Knuckles” adv.I believe there was a campaign (recall) on this issue,maybe it worth you checking to see if your car got missed.Same fix for full size pick-ups,Subs,Tahoe.You will need a 15-20 TORX tool (its a common fastener slot)

Perfect!!! I replaced the starter unit in about 45 minutes for $65.00. Thanks for the help. Hated the little plastic screws and fasteners though was G.M. Nuts. J Hill