E320 wiper/turn signal problem

I have a 1999, E320 that all of a sudden the windshield wiper and turn signal stopped working! Any ideas?

Check fuses.
After that, are you handy with a voltmeter?

Checked fuses, all good! Had a friend use a tester on the fuses and there was power at the fuse and on both sides of the fuse. I’m thinking something came apart but were?

Are the wiper and turn signal controls on the same stalk from the steering column? If so, the problem is probably with what is called the multi-function switch. Which is located inside the steering column.


Yes they are on the same stalk, how hard is it to get at that? do you know what they cost? thanks

I strongly agree with the multifunction switch. That being said however, it may still be fuses. You state it was a sudden failure, not intermittent. The fuses on a Mercedes need to all be changed every ten years at the maximum. They may look good, and even test good at that precise second, but they can fail in the rack.

It’s cheap insurance to grab a handful of the red, blue and white fuses and change them out one at a time. You’d be surprised how many gremlins this fixes.

Wiper motors and switches usually give some indication before failure, but not always.

If the multi-function switch is bad make sure a good mechanic replaces it. It’s not a DIY project as it’s fairly complicated and involves the air bag system.

Thanks so much for your help!

Replacing the old fuse was the fix for a similar problem I had. The #3 fuse blew while driving & using the wiper washer with headlights on. I used the 2 (old) spares in the fuse box and they both blew immediately, but when I replaced the #3 fuse the next day with a new one from the store, it didn’t blow & everything worked fine! 1995 e320 wagon, bought at 156k miles, 160k miles now.