1990 Camry clutch/ignition problem


Howdy, my Camry needs the clutch to be pressed before the car can be started but lately it is requiring the pedal to be pushed very, very hard for that to happen. Is there a way to change the setting for how far the clutch pedal needs to be depressed before the ignition can be started?


There is an electric switch that contacts the clutch pedal under the dashboard. The switch on your car is either out of adjustment or needs to be replaced. This is not a difficult job if you can reach the switch. It’s not expensive, either, and falls into the do-it-yourself category for many people.


Thanks, that’s the info I needed. I had no idea where to even look or how it sensed the position. Now I have a starting point.


Its been a while but I figure someone might get a chuckle out of what the problem was; My wife put an extra floor mat down and the two of them crept up stopping the clutch from depressing completely to unlock the ignition switch.


i think it is neat ghgh


That happens now and then. At least the fix was free. Thanks for posting back.