Clutch needs depressing all the way

My Geo 96 (130 K)clutch needs to be depressed all the way before starting. That too I have to do several times and real hard. What is going on? I had the clutch replaced ~100K. Any ideas about what is wrong with this clutch and how much it may cost fixing it? The problem seems to get worse the colder the weather.

There is a switch that contacts the clutch pedal, and unless that switch is depressed the engine won’t start. Your switch may be malfunctioning or misadjusted. The problem is unlikely to be the clutch itself, just the switch, which doesn’t cost much at all.

I don’t think Omega means it won’t start, he means it is hard to shift gears. I suppose it has a hydraulic clutch release, and it needs adjustment or has low fluid in the clutch master cylinder.

I wish to ammend this post. OP was talking about "starting’ not “shifting”

Thanks mcparadise, your answer is very helpful.