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1995 Ford Ranger starting clutch-pedal problem

Often the starter just clicks unless I hold down the clutch pedal AND fiddle with a bunch of wires just above the pedal – quite a tricky reach. (Oddly enough, this seems to happen only when the weather is hot [this and last summer].) Anyone have any ideas what to do about this?

Check the clutch interlock switch. It sounds like the switch is misadjusted or perhaps the wiring connected to it is loose.

Adjust or replace the switch, and make sure the electrical connection is clean and tight.

Please forgive my ignorance – approximately where is the clutch interlock switch? (I bought this truck third hand. [It was a good deal and has done nicely for several years.]) THANKS.

Up under the dash you’ll see the clutch pedal pivot arm is pushing a rod that goes through the firewall to the master cylinder.
On that rod is the interlock switch, kind of a barrel looking black plastic 'bout 2 1/2" long with a 6 wire plug on its side. The rod goes right through the middle of it. The switch has a cover that snaps off to allow the removal of the switch without removing the rod.

On a truck that age it could be old worn contacts within the switch and be time to replace it.

OK - THANKS again. I’ll go get a switch tomorrow.