91 Pathfinder - Won't start, suspect clutch pedal

Before my intermittent starting problem began, I remember that once or twice, pushing the clutch pedal down to the level I normally would push it, then turning the ignition key, didn?t work?nothing happened. I had to press the clutch pedal down farther before the ignition system would respond to the key being turned.

Later, when the SUV wouldn?t respond at all to my pushing the clutch all the way down and turning the ignition key, I could still get it to start by rolling and popping the clutch.

Is there something somewhere along the clutch pedal that has to engage some part of the ignition system before it could initialize? If so, where would it be?how would I get to it for inspection?

There’s a switch right on the clutch pedal bracket. It could be faulty.

Some model Pathfinders had a inter-lock switch. You would press this then start the truck. It would start even in clutch wasn’t pressed. If you have this switch (I think it only came with the Sport Models) then this switch could be faulty also.

Yes, there is an interlock switch activated by the clutch pedal mechanism. The switch must close to pass the start voltage signel coming from the ignition switch through to the starter solenoid. I don’t have the specifics on where the switch would be located but it usually is under the dash attached to the pedal hanger somewhere. Disconnect its electrical plug and check the switch for continuity when the plunger is pushed. If the switch appears electrically good, you may just need to readjust its position so the contacts close regularily.

Hope that helps.

There’s a pedal interlock swith…but the one I’m refering to is on the dash. When you press this button you don’t need to press the clutch in to start the truck.

What would happen if I remove the switch part and connect the wires so its always actuated.

If you have cruise control, it’ll be deactivated. It’s generally not a good idea to do this with a switch, particularly a switch that is normally off (as in, when you depress the clutch, the switch is on, but normally driving, it’s off).

Just buy a new switch, it can’t possibly be that expensive.