1989 Toyota 4runner Vibration

i have a vibration that starts about 45mph.“When i put it in neutral it still vibrates”. I did check the universals. Rig has 195,000 miles on it. Manual trans. It must be lifted because im running 265/7516s on it. Ive been busy changing fluids and such so i have been underneath it but didnt look for lift or factory.

It almost feels like the vibration is right underneath me and kind of shakes the whole vehicle. But i understand driveline vibrations can travel…

Did this just start?? Anything change recently??

Vibration causes can be many different things…Tire out of balance…Ball joint…

Do you feel it in the steering wheel??

I just started driving this rig
I understand vibrations can be hard to find because of many different possibilities. Thats why im hating it
I bought the tires mounted and balanced but will be changing to new wheels and tires soon.
Current could be out of balance for all i know
I CANNOT feel it in the steering

Try rotating the tires to see if that changes anything? If it is the tires the vibration will still be there…but it may seem to move (like to the front).

Sounds Good. I Now remember doing that previously and the vibration actually all but disappeared


On a different vehicle…

I have a 1999 4Runner, 4 cylinder with standard transmission. In 2006, I had a vibration issue which I could distinctly feel in/under the driver’s seat. I apologize for not remembering all of the “symptoms”, but the solution was to replace the universal vibration damper - which is practically centered under the vehicle.

That was my suspicion. It feels like it right under me but make the whole rig vibrate.



You dont mean the harmonic balancer?

I google universal vibration damper and it gives me harmonic. I was thinking the big double universal joint thingy