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1999 Toyota 4Runner - Vibrates

1999 Toyota 4-Runner Limited; 195,000 miles.
Vibration problem:

  • No vibration when idling in park.
  • No vibration when increasing RPM’s in park.
  • Vibration starts at about 20-25 MPH and gets just a bit worse as speed increases.
  • Vibration decreases to almost a stop when coasting (foot off of gas pedal) at any speed.
  • Engine still feels strong at any speed. (I don’t go faster than 50-55 on my way to work.)
  • Can feel normally smooth up and down shifting. No jolting or clanging during shifts.
  • Don’t know the last time the transmission oil and filter were changed.
  • All above in ‘D’ gear.

Worn U-joints at either end of the driveshaft? Looseness in the shaft of the differential? Usually not hard to diagnose even if the driveshaft has to come off.

Thank you very much. Is this expensive considering the age and mileage?

Probably not. I did U-joints by myself on my 1979 Toyota 4X4 truck around 1999 because I liked learning and doing and I had the time and place for it.

Great! I’ll check with my mechanic and go from there. Now I have an idea of what I’m in for. Thank you very much. Signing off!!