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Oil pan in 02 f350 diesel

The oil pan in my 02 Ford F350 Diesel is starting to rust through and leak oil. My mechanic stated that in order to replace the oil pan, the whole engine would have to be removed. He is not equipped to do this, and recommended that I go to a truck mechanic for the repair. It is estimated to cost $1500 to $2000. Mainly in labor to remove the whole engine. My mechanic also said he could try patching the oil pan, but could not guarantee the results. Does anyone have any experience in this or any suggestions? I don’t want to spend the 2K if I don’t have to. Thanks.

Yes you have to take out , or sufficiently lift, the engine.
Be certain to completly clean and dry the block so the high-temp RTV will adhere properly
You may not need to go to a heavy truck tech per-se’ but any other indy with a good hoist can do this.

It can be done in truck, but it’s not easy and a wee bit dangerous. It involves jacking the motor up and possibility unhooking the trans so it tilts down. Look on line you will find directions. Other then that patch it, or at least try.

What type of patch is he proposing? A simple fix is to rub bar soap on the leaking point, not too long lasting but cheap. JB Weld might work, Brazing will work also but is dangerous due to the flammability. I would give a shot at the patch but realize there are probably more areas that will fail soon.