1988 Nissan 300ZX value

what is my car worth?

I am sorry but this can’t be answered on a forum. We can’t see or drive your vehicle. Something like Kelly Blue Book might give you a ball park idea.

Do you mean to ask. “How much will someone charge to take this off my hands”???


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Based on Hagerty’s estimates and listings so far in hemmings you could get $3,000 or so for a daily driver with some wear but if it’s the 2+2 those aren’t as valuable. The Turbo is worth more but for a GS (base trim for 88) it would have to be very well preserved and low mileage to top $10,000.00

Kelly Blue Book doesn’t go back that far, but for a 1992 I’m seeing $2226 for a private party sale, coupe, standard options, good condition.