My first car


my grandfather will be getting me a car in the next year or so he will spend $4000 and i want a car that will beat my brothers 1989 300zx what kind of car should i get??? please tell me


A tricycle.


whats a 300zx???


Welcome to the world of the automotively gifted :wink:

your goal should not necessarilly be to beat a 300zx. In the first place, those cars, especially the turbo varieties, are not fooling around. It’s not hard for them to run with much more expensive cars. The flip side to that is that they tend to break a lot.

If I were in your shoes I’d be looking for a Sentra Se-R (the original, not the new one- you can’t afford the new one), an Integra GS-R, a 2nd gen CRX or 4th gen Civic Si, or a 200SX SE-R if you’re lucky enough to find one in your price range (good luck with that.) They’re all quick cars, and VERY fun to drive. They might not be able to take the 300ZX out of the box but if you build them up right they can be pretty beastly. And in stock form, all four of those cars can get you in a lot of trouble, so I hope your driving maturity level is up.

Get the base car, learn to drive it WELL (that means get consistant at the weekend autocrosses), and THEN hop it up to make it faster.


nissan 300zx


well thanks the sentra se-r doesnt look like a bad car i will look into it


Can you afford the insurance? Whether you have collision coverage or not will make little difference. A young man with a hot car equals very high insurance rates. Contact your insurer and see what they would charge for each of the cars listed above. If you still want it, good luck. And beat your brother soundly at the track, not on the road. Road racing is very dangerous. It doesn’t cost much to have a grudge match at a local drag strip and you will meet guys with similar interests. Think of what you an learn and apply to your new ride when you race at the strip.

BTW, my nephew got caught street racing. He was lucky - he lost his license for 6 months. He didn’t wreck and kill or maim anyone.


Dragging is a bore. Find a track with turns. You probably won’t catch the 300zx on the strip anyway.

One thing I notice is that people with fast cars tend to rely on their car, and even get cocky with it. Your brother has a fast car, he may fall into that lull. Learn the insides and outs of YOUR car, get her feel down pat. Find a track or an old abandoned road or neighborhood where the colision dangers are minimal and there’s noone to hurt. Then go and ride it out.

Then, when you’re ready, take your bro on.

1990 Riviera v.s. 1998 Mustang (heavilly modified though not sure exactly how, it was an impromptu race.) Me and a passenger in the Riviera, this kid by himself in the Stang. I won. Because I know I don’t have a whole lot of car, so I have to do a whole lot of driving. When we got to the turns, kid just couldn’t keep up. It’s no farse, it’s true. It’s all about you.



By not sure exactly how, I mean that I don’t have a list of modifications ready to fire off.

-Matt (again)


Insurance is kinda relative. I threw a few VINs at my insurance rep for a (brand)new fun car, if I sell my Chevelle. A Miata, RX-8, Corvette coupe, Corvette convertible and a couple Shelby Mustangs.
The increase wasn’t that much over 6 months, probably since it isn’t a replacement for my civic, and breaks down as follows:
RX-8: $225.64
Vette convertible: $203.21
Both Shelbys: $188.71
vette coupe: $188.57
Miata: $177.49
Of course these are secondary drivers, not primary. But, your advice does stand. Check insurance BEFORE YOU BUY.
How handy are you with a wrench? Cause a $4000 car isn’t gonna be all that great, especially if you’re looking for something to beat that 300zx. And cars that have been modified in such a way to do so, will definitely be out of that price range. All too many people mod these cars out and think they’re gonna get a big return for their efforts:

Those are just Civics, not all the rice burner cars.
Find you a nice older(mid-80s) Monte Carlo/Cutlass. Parts(Chevy 350ci motors are a dime a dozen anymore) and insurance should be relatively cheap, so you could build it up all motor, just be sure it’ll pass state inspection if your state does that kinda thing.


One other thing. Learn to drive first, then worry about racing later. Too many deaths have been caused by this problem, don’t become a statistic.