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93 Nissan ZX 2+2

How do I find an expert for this car who will keep it on the road for me? I am retired, and have owned it since 93. It is about due for a tune up. Will the Nissan dealer be able to do a good job on this lovely older car? My old place has become more generic and perhaps less reliable.

First, let me offer my congratulations for keeping it on the road. I have a soft spot for long-lasting vehicles.

Your 300ZX is not so complicated that it would take a Nissan expert to maintain. Virtually any experienced mechanic can provide competent service, at least for routine maintenance. I would advise you to continue giving your business to your old place, simply because you trust them (I hope). Use the Nissan dealership for mystery problems that stump the generic mechanics. In any case, happy motoring.

Mmmm…The 300ZX is one of my favs…HOWEVER…you DO need to go to a shop that knows them. The 300ZX is ESPECIALLY an example of a MARVEL of Japanese Engineering and PACKAGING…if you open your hood you will notice how unbelievably TIGHT it is in there. I mean you can drop a small tool and chances are high it will NOT come out the bottom and in the driveway. It will get stuck somewhere under there…to say its TIGHT it a drastic understatement…and God forbid you have the TWIN TURBO model…and it gets even tighter!

At any rate any good mechanic SHOULD be able to deal with it aside from the tight tolerances. It adheres to all the basic rules as far as maintenance goes…it is just so tight that a mechanic not familiar with this engine might balk at routine service items. If you have ever worked on one you will know what I am talking about. There has been more than one time where I hace said…“It would be easier to pull the engine” Than to try and get to X part the traditional way.

So while its not absolutely written in stone that you need a specialist, someone at least familiar with the Z will help to keep your repair bills down. Anyone else will wonder how to even go about replacing routine items…

The STEALER will have you wondering why you bought the car in the first place…It would be helpful to go online to some owners groups and post the very same question and asking for local shops in your area that know the Mighty Z

My old service place seems to have changed to less honesty than they were. So a tune up at another local well regarded place might be a good thing? And do you think the local Nissan dealership has kept up with the requirements and technology of this 18 year old car that thinks it is two? The ignition switch is getting loose and needs tightening.

thanks for the quick response. I do love driving this car.