Can you offer your opinion on this Nissan 300ZX?


Here’s the ebay link: http://cgi…dZViewItem

Just looking for opinions on this specific car, what you think it would be worth (what would you pay for it), and general opinion on the 300ZX’s of this year. It’d be a project car, not a daily driver at first.

Thanks as usual!



I’d pay $50 for it. Given it’s age and the type of car, it’s not likely to last very long before extremely expensive repairs are required. Chances are, the car’s been horribly abused, the turbo’s probably worn out, tranny might be crappy, plus the bit about the injectors being replaced due to a factory recall? On a 21 year old car? I think something’s up. I wouldn’t buy it. But that’s me.


I just scraped a perfect one.Engine near impossible to find.And parts are almost exact year only.


Well, let’s see: It’s a non-original color and the paint doesn’t match on all body panels (see driver’s door and left front fender). It has lots of non-stock parts (wheels, steering wheel, and who knows what else), and it has an automatic transmission.

Personally, I’d pass on this one and find a nicer car, even if I wanted a project.


I’m also doubtful of the claim that the injectors were replaced on a factory recall. Who recalls a car that’s more than 20 years old just to replace the fuel injectors?

There are a lot of red flags flying all around this car.


Hmmmm good points…think I will skip on this one.

Wish I didn’t fall in love with cars so easily.

(I know…as someone here used to always say…you shouldn’t love something that can’t love you back…can’t remember who said that…)


But, is this a bad car to consider in the future, period?


Any Z of this period is going to be tired, beat up, and a potentially expensive hobby. And it isn’t going to perform like a new Z. But if it’s what you really want and your expectations are realistic, I say enjoy life. However, rather than take the Ebay risk of an unknown I’d keep my eye on the local offerings. Something you can test drive and get checked out.


That’s good advice…even if it’s not what I want to hear :slight_smile: Thanks mountainbike. I’m going to make another post with the 80’s cars I’m considering to see what seems to be the best bet, hope you can weigh in.


I’ll watch for it.

Personally, I’d love an old Spitfire, a TR(3,4, or 6…not wedges please), an MG(A,B,TC,TD,TF…anything but the GT…I want a ragtop!), a bug-eyed Sprite, perhaps even a Midget. Would it be an intelligent purchase? No way! Would it run reliably? Only in my dreams. Would I have a blast? You betcha!


We were in love with the 280 zx when we were growing up. One of the older neighbourhood kids had one and we just loved it. The 300 zx we didnt like but this one was super slick and so cute!!!

also the MGB; (Mr Bean’s car) we would love one of those too but very unpractical; too pricy but for a while; it would be nice!!!


Those are all beautiful cars…and yes, the fun overshadows all the impracticalities!