300zx body damage estimated cost

Well I got hit awhile back and the guy that hit me backed out and left the scene now my 300zx is badly damaged its been like that for awhile but I miss it so I am looking into repairing it. I need an estimate as to how much this might cost me.

Thats the damage done to it.

Call two or three body shops and have them look at it. It will cost far more than the car is worth.

From the looks it appears you have a parts downer car. I suspect the repair cost will be more than the repaired car is worth. However I suggest getting at least one estimate.

Agree–it looks totaled. Many thousands of dollars damage. All body shops in my area offer free estimates and were pretty consistent when I needed them. Can it be driven there? (slowly)

A friend’s old Honda had similar side and rocker panel damage and I figured it was totaled. He wound up having a vocational school fix the car (he supplied parts from a junkyard). Afterwards he got an Earl Scheib paint job (he prepped the car first). It actually turned out okay for not much spent.

This one is totalled. “Frame straightening” machines, basically large flat sturdy tables with precision measuring attachments and huge hydraulic rams with chains attached, can be used to pull some unibodys back into alignment, and with body “clips” (body sections welded in to replace crumpled sections) many crash damaged vehicles can be made straight again, but ths one is way too buckled and it’s buckled in a really bad way from a standpoint of body alignment. It’ll never be right again.

Sorry, but this one is gone.

Anything can be fixed . . . but this looks like the price of repair will exceed the value of the car. I agree with the others . . . have two or three body shops give you firm estimates for repair and then compare them with the value of the car. The vo-tech school idea isn’t too bad either . . . may be a way to go on this much damage. Did you get insurance $$ for it? This car took a really hard hit. Rocketman

I imagine you might get a decent price on craigslist or ebay for this as a parts car, assuming the rest of it is in good shape, and assuming there’s not an issue regarding insurance.