1988 Jeep Comanche - Buy or walk?

If you had a chance to buy a 1988 jeep sport commache 4x4 that’s in decent to go off shape with a 4cyliner inline 6.at a reason price would you buy or walk away.

That all depends on what a “4 cylinder inline 6” is


Why do you care what anyone else would do ? If that is what you want you think the price is fair then just do what you want.

I’d have to know what a “reasonable price” for a 33 year old vehicle was and what condition it was in. Personally I’m not a Jeep guy and I’d probably give it a hard “No” but I’m not the one buying it.

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With the recent popularity of the Gladiator, the Comanche should be of some interest and draw attention. They have become quite rare, I have only seen one in the last 5 years.

The 4 liter, 6 cylinder engine would be the preferred power plant.


Nevada says it all. If you are buying to restore, and then sell on at a profit, this is a great model to consider. As a vehicle to actually buy and drive, no way. Run.

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Rust would be a huge issue, check it CAREFULLY.


Agree! Have it very carefully inspected both mechanically and the body.

This is often the type of vehicle that ends up expensive to own even if it was given to you


On-demand cylinder augmentation quantum teleportation. Very hush-hush, not surprised you didn’t know about it.

OP, are you David Tracy or something? This is the kind of vehicle he’d get a car hoarding citation from the city over. :wink: Personally, it’d have to be a great price, in really good mechanical condition, and I would need a specific mission for it. It’s not the kind of headache I’d take on without a definite need for cheap off road capabilities where being down for repair wouldn’t be a big deal.


David Tracy would not have asked until AFTER he bought it! :laughing:


For me and others - Who is David Tracy ?

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He’s a blogger on Jalopnik that has bought and fixed up (I wouldn’t say ‘restored’) a number of basket case Jeeps, often with rust holes you could put a fist through. He’s taken a few of them cross country to Jeep get togethers. A combination of dedicated and insane, IMO.

He’s a writer on Jalopnik who has an affinity for Jeep Cherokee’s and needy Jeeps in general. Had to get rid or register a bunch of vehicles basically by court order.

Hang on to your walking shoes.

Is he still there or did he leave like pretty much all of Jalopnik’s good writers? Today’s Jalopnik is a chore to read IMHO, they will post stories about anything but cars these days.

He’s still there, has another article today with his latest exploits.

If you want it buy it, know it will be for your pleasure, a profitable gain should be secondary.

I guess I don’t read that site but just a first impression, gee the guy is excited to work with high power engineers on a conversion but couldn’t figure out how to get the piece of junk towed for $700. I suspect that whatever wisdom is provided by the engineers will go right over his head. But like I said I don’t know the guy so just a general first impression.

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He’s more known for dealing with junkers, even took one of his fellow writers to a Junkyard just to see what it was like when she visited him. I check Jalopnik more for the Nice price or No Dice entry of the day but check the latest articles as well.

David Tracy is an engineer, used to work for Jeep. He never takes the simple way out, it’s interesting to watch what he does to get these heaps able to drive across country.