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2002 Jeep Cherokee - Which Jeep to buy?

I want to know if I should buy a 2002 Jeep Cherokee 2WD straight 6 engine 200 thousand miles for 3 thousand dollars or should I buy a Jeep Cherokee limited 4WD for 8 thousand dollars with 85 thousand miles. I was told jeeps with straight 6 engines can last 400 thousand miles.

Ask who ever told you that to provide actual proof. Expecting a 18 year old vehicle of any brand with 200000 to go another 200000 is very unlikely. You just pay a shop about 100.00 to 150.00 to look at any used vehicle you want to see if there are any major problems.


The 2wd is worth about $1300, the 4wd about $2000. Neither is a particularly good deal. Bear in mind too that older 4wd vehicles are more prone to problems because of the more complicated drivetrain. Further, as a former Jeep owner (my wife drove a 2003 Liberty 4wd until last year) their overall reliability isn’t great.

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There is no reason to buy a 2 wheel drive jeep. If you don’t want to take it off road at all, almost any car is a better choice.

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I’d take a Jeep Cherokee with the 4.0 straight six over a Jeep Liberty all day long . . .

Not in my area. The Classic Cherokee has a following as capable off-road vehicles, they are commonly seen on the road and sellers are asking $4000 to $8000.

I’d go with the lower mileage one but really it’s down to condition. lower mileage nice Cherokees are on the market in the Northwest for $6,000-$10,000. They seem to be either trail beaters or nice stock examples around here.

Nonsense, maybe a few have, the vast majority are scrapped long before.

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Assuming you live in an area where cars don’t rust, just about any model can last for 400,000 miles…if you’re willing to keep putting money into it. Even a Dodge Intrepid with the terrible 2.7L engine could make it to 400,000 miles, but it would probably be on its third or fourth engine by then.

As far as Jeep vehicles go, a 4.0L inline six, together with a 2WD drivetrain is probably the most reliable combination you can find, but even so at 200,000 miles you need to budget for costly repairs.

Perhaps but they definitely wouldn’t get it from me. And Jeeps in general aren’t exactly paragons of reliability.

It it’s down to those two and no substitutes, I’d take the one in the best condition to a mechanic you trust for a prepurchase inspection. Deduct whatever it needs from the asking price and make an offer.