Should I buy

I recently came across an '89 Jeep Comanche 4 cyl. w/manual transmission for $1,790…

It has 239,786 miles and the power steering is making noise…

I’ve always wanted one of these trucks but I was wondering if it’s worth purchasing…

PS- I apologize for posting in the wrong section… just now realized it

Check a source like or My quick answer would be no. Too many miles on the Jeep and asking for too many future issues/problems given age and miles.

If thats what you want go for it, you only go around once.

I had a '86 Cherokee with the 4cyl/manual. It was sloooooow. And 240k miles is a LOT. You’ll probably put a lot of money in it over time. Also, check carefully for rust.

Would this be just for fun?

Daily driver… to and from work