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1988 Jeep Cherokee NEED HELP PLEASE

i went to buy a gas tank because mine had a hole in it so i replace it then wen i went to put gas in it gas light was on still then i just turned my key on not the car on just turned it on still said it then i turned it off then started it and it went off. then went back to the gas station to fill up i used to fill up on 40.00 at gas prices being 3.69 a gallon. but wen i put 45.00 in it did not give me a hafe a tank some one please help thank you micheal

Your gas gauge is not reading correct

WOW…you wrote that entire question …with no punctuation. No Caps…all in one run on sentence…But I digress… I am re-reading this conglomeration of words a few more times before I try to help. A few periods in there wouldve helped but I re-digress.

You are having a sending unit issue. The sending unit in your new tank is either not working (which would set a perm gas light on) or malfunctioning. Your issue resides there and nowhere else. Look into the wiring of your sending unit or use your old unit from your old tank. Check that out and then call one or ALL of your prior English teachers and get a refresher for Gods sakes…Good luck. Let me know if I can help further.

The sender unit that is inside the tank and is used to measure the fuel level in the tank has a problem. The sender uses a variable resistor tied to a float mechanism to provide the dash gauge a calibrated voltage that represents the fuel level in the tank. It is a common problem for the contacts to get corrosion on them and cause the reading on the gauge to read incorrectly. The float mechanism can also get stuck in the wrong position and cause the same kind of trouble. To fix the trouble the sender may need to be replaced or the contacts on it cleaned. Some folks have been able to fix the trouble by adding a product from Chevron called Techron. It cleans the fuel system. It might work in your case but can’t say for sure it will.

The Gas Light Ain’t On No More. I’d Like To Know Why It Is Using Alot More Gas To Fill My Tank Up. Also Honda Blackbird It’s Called Being Rushed On Time Man Had Stuff To Get Done.

It Is The Same Size Gas Tank To We Made Sure Of That.

Empty well…

It Was Empty Wen I Put It In There 45.00 Did Not Give Me A Hafe A Tank Somthing Is Way Wrong, It’s A Straight 6 To.

The engine size and number of cylinders is completely irrelevant to the gas gage question.

The bottom line is that you clearly are not getting an acccurate reading from your gas gage on how much gas you actually have in the tank, possibly because the sender is hanging up, and thus you have no idea how much gas you’ve actually put in. You likely think you only goot 1/2 tank because that’s what your gage says, but you actually got a full tank.

Although I have to add that we had a Jeep GC at work and that thing had a huge tank. At $3.96 a gallon, $45 is only 11.3 gallons, and that may be about 1/2 tank on that vehicle. Perhaps the sender isn’t stuck after all.

Well Before I Got The New One It Said 10.0 Gallons And It Was Full So I Don’t Know What To Do But Check That Sender. I’ll Check It Out Tonight Or Tomorrow And Let Yall Know.

Thank’s Micheal

When you put in the $45 (11.3 gallons) did the gas nozzel cut off, like it was full? I had an '84 Cherokee, and if I remember correctly we go the ‘bigger’ gas tank, which I think held 14 gallons, so you might have one of those, combined with a problem in the gas gauge or sender.

Your gas tank is larger than 10 gallons. I think your old sender was bad. And I think that it used to say empty when it was at half. You were thinking it was empty and you were filling it from empty. But you were only filling it from half. Thus $40-45 used to get you a half tank of gas. And now it still does.

And I’m going to bring the writing up again whether it annoys you or not. The problem is that you’re asking people to help you. People do hang around these boards to help. But your first post was very difficult to understand. The point isn’t a moral one. Its a practical one. Your follow-ups have been shorter so not as hard to follow. But capitalizing every single word is not only cumbersome for you, but also makes it more annoying to read. Just capitalize the first letter of the first word of each sentence and end each with a period. And don’t take offense (well, ok - I suppose you can if you want to). Its a matter of helping people help you.

I just did a Google and according to what I found the '88 Jeep Cherokee had a gas tank capacity of 20 gallons with a 2 gallon “overflow”. That would make 11.3 gallons 1/2 tank.

Odd, my source (MSN Autos) lists it at 13.5 gallons. Are you sure you’re looking at the XJ Cherokee, and not the old (big) one?

Admittedly, I’m not sure. I just Googled “fuel capacity 1988 Jeep Cherokee” and read the specs that came up. Are you looking at the '88?

Yep, that’s what they listed for the '88. We sold our '84 in '96, so my memory may not be right…

was the source of my data. Apparently in '88 or '89 a 20 gallon tank was offered as an option, and thereafter the tank became 20 gallons. Admittedly this is just another forum.

Which leads me to wonder if the OP replaced a 13 gallon tank with a 20 gallon tank…

That’s what mine was a 13.5 gallons it should be the same as my new one i put in. It looks the same size and all

Idk what it is but it is making me mad.

I’m sorry to hear that Mr. Tyson, Perhaps Don King can spot you a few dollars to fill that big tank.