Fuel gauge


The fuel gauge on my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo will not show more than a1/4 of a tank. I have filled the tank to the top but the highest the gauge will go is ?. Is there a way to possibly reset the gauge or do I just need to have a new sending unit put in?


never heard of a gauge reset.Probably a gauge sweep test from the Jeep scanner. Probably is the sending unit. When you bring the Jeep in for repair try not to have the tank full. It makes it heavy then the tech deals with a heavy tank or wastes time sucking the gas out of the tank. There is a chance you will not get all your gas back. Its amazing how many people bring their cars for gas tank work and the tank is full. Does it sound like Iam complaining.


thanks. could you tell me what I may pay to have it all fixed up? I know my wife will be able to run the tank low for repair. She always does that.