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Car wont let me fill up with gas!

I tried to fill up my tank and it only allowed me to put 5 gallons in. It started spilling out…my car is still only halfway full, but it wont let me add more. Anyone know?

One thing to consider is the possibility that your gas gauge has become inaccurate, and that maybe you really have room for only 5 additional gallons.

Normally, I suggest that people have their mechanic check the evaporative emissions system, as well as the valve in the gas filler neck that is designed to prevent leakage in the event of a rollover accident. In your case, I am adding the possibility of a bad gas gauge.

Yes, I think that could be the problem. I havent filled up my tank for over a week, so I know I was running low. If it is a bad gas gauge, any idea how much something like this costs? Thanks for your response

The problem is actually more likely to be the sending unit in the tank than the gauge itself. If the tank has to be dropped (as I believe that it does), that is going to add a lot of labor expense to the price of a relatively cheap part. You need a competent mechanic to diagnose exactly what part may be at fault here.