Oil Pump or Sending Unit on 2000 Cherokee Sport

Hi, I have a 2000 Cherokee Sport and the Check Gauges Light has come on, it usually happens after during my commute and I have been on the freeway for about 10 minutes, I exit and at the first stoplight it comes on. Doesn’t come on in normal around town driving, just in that situation each day. I took it in to my mechanic and twice and it still comes on, they said they replaced the oil pump (only after my printing out info from a Jeep Forum ahhhh) Anyway, could it be that the gauge light has to be reset? I don’t see any leak after two days on the street now. I am at my wits end, before I take it to different mechanic, I’d like to see what the boards say. Thanks!

Well this would not be the first time that a mechanic replaced an oil pump and all that was wrong was a faulty sending unit. I don’t think oil sending units are very expensive so I would have it replaced. If your oil pump was bad you probably would have had engine damage due to lack of oil. Keep your fingers crossed that it’s only a bad oil sending unit. I think I would also shop around for another mechanic. A simple oil pressure test would have indicated a bad oil pump.

So when you check the gauges, what do you see?? What’s the problem? How many miles on the Jeep?

I had a similar problem with my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee, only the oil pressure gauge would drop down to zero then jump back up to 38 immediately, when the gauge hit zero the Check gauge light came on for a second, then went off as the pressure went back up. The mechanic tested the pressure externally and the pressure was good so he decided that it was the oil sending unit causing the problem, but the dealer where he got the parts, said the sensor was also bad so he replaced both the oil sending unit and the sensor and the gauge works find since. All parts and labor cost about $300.