1988 Ford Van speedo clock only has five digits

My speedo clock has only space for 5 numbers eg 99,999.how is this.

That is really a big problem . Most vehicles of that area are that way . And how did that happen ? That is how it was made .


I don’t understand “how is this”. What does that mean? It is what it is. Fun to watch an odometer roll over from 99999 to 00000.


Yes. “It is what it is,” but I presume you want to know why it is. Here’s why: Years ago, odometers only went to 99,999.9 because a car, van, or light duty truck with 100,000 miles was pretty much worn out and there was no real need for another digit. Plus, in the days of mechanical odometers like yours, I’m sure it was probably somewhat cheaper to install a 5+1 digit one, whereas adding an extra digit to an LED or LCD display is a matter of pennies.