Odometer on older cars

When looking at older cars and trucks, when did the odometer change reading 99,000 to 100,000 miles to account for the 6th digit?

It appears late 70s to early 80s was the change over years. Yes it varies. Google

Yes, it varies; my 1984 Impala had readings only to 100,000 while the 1988 Caprice read to 1,000,000. Volvos have always read to 1,000,000 since they were kept for such a long time.

Mid 80s I think. Most of them could have just painted a “2” or even a “1” on the ‘extra’ digit and left the rest of the little wheel blank and the average owner would never notice–most cars don’t make it to 300,000 miles regardless of make.

Toyotas are famous for going 300,000

Have Volvos always had million mile odometers?

Anything will go 300K if you put enough money into it…

I have driven 2 trucks well beyond the 300,000 mile mark. Both were Fords and the original engines were running well long past 300,000. I rebuilt a Ford engine that lasted over 240,000 miles.

I’m not saying it can’t be done… just that most don’t make it that far, including people’s beloved Toyotas.

Actually, up to 999,999. Only six digits on my 1970 and 1983 Volvos.