No spark

I have a 76 DJ5 postal jeep with a 258 I6 Electronic ignition OK here’s what I have done so far replaced wiring harness ,new starter solenoid,new distributor shaft /with pickups ,new coil,new ecm,new carb and new alternator ,I have power in to coil and out but have no spark also checked neutral safety switch its good,also checked all wires ect any help ,I’m at a dead end,


You have power at the coil but do you have power when the key is in both the RUN and the START positions?

If not, maybe a faulty ignition switch.

yes I have power at both start and run positions

I did not research various tests for ign. components but a quick look at a schematic shows this system to be bone simple.

Since you have power and I’m assuming(?) the distributor shaft is actually turning(?) it would seem to me the problem could only be in one of the following.
Ignition module.
Distributor pickup.
External condenser at the ignition coil.

By your post I assume the pickups you refer to are inside the dist. and by ECM I assume you mean the ign. module?
If that’s the case you might consider replacing that condenser and also verify that a spark is jumping from the coil wire to ground when the engine is cranked over.

Also, with a multimeter, place the positive on the positive to the coil and negative to the negative of the coil. As the starter turns the engine, the needle of the multimeter should jump. If it doesn’t, I suspect the problem is in the ignition module or pick-up coils. Basically, the ignition module is not firing the coil as it should. If the needle jumps, the problem is either in the coil, coil wire, distributor, or spark plug wires.

Have you checked all the wire connections with a ohmmeter to make sure they were ok? If not, that should be done. It sounds like you have replaced everything that concerns the ignition.

Postal Jeeps sometimes used Motorola ignition boxes that were not very reliable…The 258 Cu in engine was used in millions of AMC vehicles and jeeps. Ones built before 1975 (1974 and older) had a points distributor that will fit your engine. Crude, but you WILL have spark…

These vehicles are death traps. You should really upgrade your ride…

coil supplies power to yellow wire on ign modular but no power out to dist blue or white how can you check a ign box

Are you saying that there is power to the plus side of the coil but not on the minus side of it? If so then the coil is either open or there is a short to ground on the minus side of it.

Try rethinking how the ignition works. Think of a light circuit to help you understand. The circuit goes from the battery positive to a light, the other side of the light goes to a switch, the other side of the switch goes to ground (battery negative). Okay, got that?

Now, instead of a light, you have a coil. Instead of a switch you have an ignition module. The module simply switches power on and off through the coil. The module works by reacting to the pickups in the distributor. When it sees / doesn’t see a point on the rotating reluctor in the distributor it switches the coil on / off.

Simple, no? Armed with this information you should be able to track your problem down.

Power to + side of coil power out the - side of coil to ign modular power in ign modular but not out to dist I attached a diagram to show what I’m talking about