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1985 chevy c10 power window wiring question


I am working on the wiring for the power windows of my truck and there is a connector (image attached below) that I have no idea what for. It is right next another connector that powers the motor of the window. There is also a metal box thing that the other side of the connector is attached to. Any help at all is appreciated thanks!


Your picture didn’t upload.

It might be there for something your vehicle doesn’t have, like a power mirror.

Check to see if the grounding is okay for that area. You may want to try using a temporary ground jumper to prove the normal ground is okay or not.

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Here is the image. It seems as if it’s some sort of relay. I’m just not sure where it’s supposed to plug into

I assume that the item shown in the picture is part of the circuit for the power windows and if so it may be a circuit breaker possibly or relay for the motors. It doesn’t need to be plugged into anything. There are plugs going to it shown in the picture. It needs to be mounted to something. The orange wire looks like it may be slightly damaged.

That is the power door lock relay, it needs to be bolted down for a proper ground.

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