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1964 Toyota FJ40

My husband may be having a midlife crisis and wants to buy a restored one of these. Is it truly that cool?

Cool is a relative term. Doesn’t look like anything special to me, just a Jeep with a Toyota badge on it. But, if he’s interested in them, that’s his thing.

Yes they are! Unless he over pays a lot he can at least come close to getting his money back.
If hes happy you are happy.

They are really popular with the FJ40 set. Cool? To them, yes, to others, who cares?

The “cool” part is you get collector car plates ($100 for 5 years in Colorado) and may qualify for classic car insurance ($150/year for my last classic car). FJ40’s are fun to drive off road or in a blizzard, but not something I’d use as a daily driver. The classic Land Rovers from that era are pretty cool as well.


What he “wants” is something that looks cool, but is modern and safe. Does he want to look cool rolling over in a ditch ? Newer off roaders are better at the task and safer doing it. Get a Jeep or FJ Cruiser and “cool” it up with add ons.

Modern and safe? Enough with the fear mongering. The guy doesn’t want a new belly button. He wants this '64 Toyota. It’s been around for 46 years. How much more proof is needed that the thing works and isn’t a death trap? Sounds like he’s not a teenager that’s looking to drive off a cliff; just a guy who wants to have a little fun with an old car.

I know a couple of guys that are crazy about 1950s and 1960s Land Rovers. Just be glad that the FJ40 has a top and side curtains. What’s wrong with a hobby?

True–not looking for a commute car. And it may mean that he’ll take me out fishing more often.

"He wants this '64 Toyota. It’s been around for 46 years."
Sure, something that’s been around for 46 years is real safe…, Obviously if it passes inspection, fine. But the deal is, when you lived in 1964 you went from a crappy sedan to a crappy off roader. Now, you drive a fine by then standards, handling sedan all week, then jump into one of these on weekends. They both should be informed !

I personally don’t give a sweet “----” what the guy does; but his wife should not be under any illusions that a drive in a 46 year old off road vehicle is anything like one of late. Maybe you think a 46 year old vehicle gives up little. I’ve used both old and new off roaders on and off road, and there is a difference that isn’t even close, and awareness going in is necessary I feel if hubby is actually going to drive the thing.

Review “Definitely a looker and taller than most. Intimidation factor a plus.
Cons: It doesn’t accelerate well, nor does it brake well…that is if you manage to get it to start.”

And as good a place to start looking as here…