2010 FJ cruiser with 202K on it

Hi All,
Wanted to ask you’ll openion on buyin a 2010 FJ with 202K on it. It is a littel over priced but would be worth it if it still ok. I got a CARCHEX report and had a few questions:


any though where this oil could be coming from?

The rust looking thing on the corner? I couldn’t make it out

What is the divce on in the picture?

Thank you for all your advice

What is the divce on in the picture?

The rust looking thing on the corner? I couldn’t make it out

sorry but I can’t post more then one picture at a time

Pay a professional mechanic to look the suv over before you buy it. That person can answer your questions and give a far more accurate assesment of it that we can over the internet.

Why are you not asking the seller what that device is ? And if you are on the web asking about a vehicle then maybe you should find one that does not make you ask questions . This can’t be the only FJ for sale that is not over priced.

Hay Mustangman and Volvo,

Unfortunately, the professional didn’t know where the leak is from, that is why I’m asking. As for the device, the seller bought it at auction as is and doesn’t know what it’s for.
As for the price, it is overpriced for a vehicle with 202K on it, but FJs are pretty overpriced. I guess I want to make sure I’m not in a situation of “If it is too good to be true…”


The device looks like it might be a trailer brake controller. Google the brand name on it or electric trailer brake controller and yoi might find a picture.

The leak… if a live in person tech can’t find it, very unlikely we will from a single photo. 200k mile cars leak, it does’t look very wet…

Same for rusty stuff…10 years old, can’t tell from the picture.

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Thank you Mustang

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How much is the seller asking for this thing? I have purchased vehicles with over 200,000 miles, but not for more than $2k, and I have a feeling this is many times that amount.

With more than this on the clock seller’s are asking over $10,000 for them. The highest mileage one so far has almost 312,000 miles on the odometer but these have a cult following. A cousin has one and is madly in love.

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It always blows my mind when I see Toyota pickups from the late 1980’s to mid-1990’s for sale on Craigslist with over 200,000 miles, and people still want $8k or more for them. Objectively speaking, you can buy a much better, lower-mileage truck for less than half that amount, but for some reason people still pay these crazy-high prices. I think the word “cult” just about sums it up–an irrational religious-like belief that the vehicle is something special.

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A crashed/totaled FJ Cruiser is worth more than $2,000, these vehicles are of interest.

Now I’m ashamed to admit that I am part of the FJ cult. It is tagged at 14,500 and the seller doesn’t want to go less than 13,500. I’m not in a rush and hoping as the Bronco starts getting more people, sellers will start to get more reasonable with their asking price.


That is true

Years ago my brother looked at buying a Toyota 4wd pickup to commute to his job at the Mt Baker ski resort and the combination of college student and ski bum’s had any Toyota 4wd that still moved under it’s own power selling in an instant for insane prices. He found a 1987 Mazda 4wd truck (Like our grandpa’s truck but 4wd) basically ignored and after fixing a few minor things had a truck that does what it needs to do without the Toyota tax.

Did I mention that this is a manual

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Save your money. There are other vehicles out there, which will do the same exact thing for a fraction of the price. It does not make sense to buy something which is nearly used up for these kind of prices. Buy something else, and you can spend less than half the asking price for half the miles.

Those are wise words. I’m going to have to sleep on it for a few days and eat a lot of ice cream and see if I can get it out of my head.
FOR NOW :smiling_imp:

A Hummer H2 or Jeep wrangler will cost more, a 49 cc scooter will be less but not in the same class as a FJ Cruiser.

No kidding. However, if you want something to go off-roading in, there are plenty of 4WD pickups available for less than $7k in good condition with low miles. Similarly, if you just want something which can hold several people and a bunch of stuff, there are lots of Dodge Caravans available for less than $7k in good condition with low miles. Even a used Toyota 4-Runner can be had for less than the price of this FJ Cruiser, with a lot less miles.