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1984 Ford F150 key cylinder

I have a 1984 ford f150 pickup truck 302 5.0 liter engine. When I turn the key cylinder foward my radio and truck starts up fine but when I turn the key cylinder all the way back my radio will not come on. I replaced the ignition starter switch but it’s still doing the same thing. Can anyone please give me some clues as to what could be my problem…thanks

As I read this, I am thinking, of course your radio won’t come on, you turned the key to the “off” position. The radio shouldn’t work in the “off” position. Could you explain what you mean by this and why you think the radio should be on?

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When I turned my key all the back past the off position. It has always come on in the past.

Ahh, that is a useful piece of information. That model truck has an “accessory” setting behind “off”. If the ignition cylinder itself was replaced, that isn’t actually the ignition switch. If the switch itself was replaced, it is likely a problem in the wiring of this 34 year old truck. It is going to take some serious searching for a broken wire or a bad connector terminal. I’d start with the terminals on the switch itself.

Or just ignore it since it doesn’t affect driving the truck. Your call.

The position of the ignition switch is adjustable, it must be set properly for both accessory and the start positions to work. If you still can’t get it to work take a look at the gear and link for the actuator rod in the column, they break sometimes.

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check this video

Did you replace the actual ignition switch at the base of the steering column?


I have a Ford truck, older than yours, but one time I had to replace the ignition lock cylinder b/c the key wouldn’t turn it. That’s not the same as replacing the ignition switch. If you replaced the lock cylinder, you probably now have to replace the ignition switch. That’s the part the lock cylinder inserts into. At least that’s how it works on my truck. It’s easy to remove the lock cylinder on my truck, you just poke a paperclip into a little hole near where the key inserts, and the lock cylinder will just pull out (provided the key is also inserted). Not sure if yours works the same way, take a look at where you insert the key. Do you see a little hole about the size of a paper clip wire?

My truck like yours has the ignition switch configuration where you insert it in the “off” position, then you turn it to the right to “on”, then further to the right to “start”. If you only want to listen to the radio, and not run the engine, you turn it to “off”, then to the left more to “acc” (accessories). That all still works fine on my 46+ year old truck.

It was so long ago I don’t recall all that was involved in replacing the lock cylinder and meanwhile being able to open the doors with the same key. I must have replaced the lock cylinder in the door too I guess. Maybe the “kit” came with three lock cylinders, one for the ignition, and two for the doors.

It’s still that way on many modern vehicles

I’ve removed ignition lock cylinders on vehicles at least 20 years newer than OP’s . . . the exact way you described

Thank you…